Tuesday, March 9, 2021

It all started here...

Hello, I'm Cindy and I am married to my high school sweetheart, Allen.  Allen and I are retired and love adventuring out to see this beautiful country, and beyond.

Casita, A Longtime Dream

For many years Allen has said he would like to have a Casita travel trailer.  When we would pass by the Casita factory in Rice, Texas he always wanted to stop and I would say " maybe next time, we need to move on and get where we are going," thinking it would just blow over because I just wasn't sure.

One day we drove by our neighbor’s home and in the driveway was a brand new Casita.  Allen got all excited and I said to myself, oh no.  I told him it was probably a relative visiting from Texas.

After a couple of days, we saw our neighbors and guess what, it was their Casita.  Well, that is when it all started.

We got a tour of the Casita and I will have to say it was quite charming.  I started thinking of how much fun this would be to take our own home with us as we travel.  We started looking into what to do to order a Casita, with all the different models and options you can have the factory install.  When we finally made all the decisions we placed the order for our Casita.

Well, there was a backorder, 6 months we had to wait.

While waiting it was exciting thinking of all items to supply the trailer with, a tow vehicle, and everything in between. While we waited for our Casita delivery I got online and searched for something else.



So let this RV Adventure begin ...