Tuesday, March 9, 2021

It all started here...

Hello, I'm Cindy and I am married to my high school sweetheart, Allen.  Allen and I are retired and love adventuring out to see this beautiful country, and beyond.

Casita, A Longtime Dream

For many years Allen has said he would like to have a Casita travel trailer.  When we would pass by the Casita factory in Rice, Texas he always wanted to stop and I would say " maybe next time, we need to move on and get where we are going," thinking it would just blow over because I just wasn't sure.

One day we drove by our neighbor’s home and in the driveway was a brand new Casita.  Allen got all excited and I said to myself, oh no.  I told him it was probably a relative visiting from Texas.

After a couple of days, we saw our neighbors and guess what, it was their Casita.  Well, that is when it all started.

We got a tour of the Casita and I will have to say it was quite charming.  I started thinking of how much fun this would be to take our own home with us as we travel.  We started looking into what to do to order a Casita, with all the different models and options you can have the factory install.  When we finally made all the decisions we placed the order for our Casita.

Well, there was a backorder, 6 months we had to wait.

While waiting it was exciting thinking of all items to supply the trailer with, a tow vehicle, and everything in between. While we waited for our Casita delivery I got online and searched for something else.


Adopting a New Family Member

We have always had a dog, sometimes two or three at a time.  One day as I was looking at different shelters online, that's when I saw Sunny.  At the time he was in a foster home, but not our Foster home.  The shelter website said they were going to have an adoption day at a nearby pet store.  So we decided to go and see for ourselves what this cute two-year-old border collie was all about.

Well let me tell you, he was just that cute.  So we got Sunny all settled in and he got us trained as well.  By then the Casita was ready for pick up and we were so excited.


So let this RV Adventure begin ...